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Our asset tracking system uses a digitalized mapping system designed purposely to track assets within Ghana and its neighboring countries. A professionally customized hardware and softwware using GPS,  GPRS and SMS driven technology. The data collected as a result of the vehicle or assets activity is logged on our private cloud and  kept for over 60 days for our client’s perusal and decision making. It is a simple technology and very easy to maintain and use.

Basic Benefits:

1. Know the location of your vehicle using your phone or computer.

2. Stop your vehicle when stolen just by sending a text message.

3. Be alerted when driver goes out of designated route or overspeeds.

4. Be alerted when fuel is being siphoned.


Car Jack

Automatic Car Jack and Spanner, Change your tyres in 5 min!!!!!!

Only GHC400 for the pack, limited stock


Click to watch how it works

Rain Repellent

Rain Repellent,

Wiper or No Wiper Drive through Rain

Click to see how it works

Vehicle Tracking

Personal Tracking

Goods Tracking


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