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1.Tracks exact location of vehicles.
2.Automatic lock feature enables remote stoppage of vehicles in case of theft or other reasons.
3.Sends an alert when speed limit is exceeded.
4.Sends an alert when the tracking device installed is being tampered with.
5.Sends an alert when the vehicle’s battery is been stolen or tampered with.
6.Internal Backup Battery
7.The geographical-fencing feature also enables you to receive an alert when the driver deviates from the designated route.
8.The playback feature enables one track the past activities of vehicles in previous weeks.
9.Keeps logs of vehicle activities and maintenance.
10.The microphone attached to the interior of vehicles enables you to listen in on occupants of the vehicle at any given time.
11.Enables parking and moving of vehicle alert, and problem indicators.
12.Easy to manage and maintain. All you need is a computer or phone with internet access and you can track vehicles anywhere, anytime.

Basic Vehicle Tracker GTB001

GH₵900.00 Regular Price
GH₵850.00Sale Price
  • Specification:
    GSM Module SIMCOM 900
    GPS Module Sirf-Star or MTK
    GSM Frequency 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
    GPS channel 32 channels

    GSM / GPS

    Antenna External
    Locate precision 5-20 Meters

    GPS Cold Start Time36 seconds
    GPS Hot Start Time 1 second

    Recharging Current < 5V/300mA Standby Current < 10 mA

    Uploading Current &lt200mA / 5V Battery 800mAh

    Working Temperature -20 0C to +55 0C Absolute Temperature -35 0C to +70 0C

    Storage Temperature -40 0C to +80 0C