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The Advanced Container tracker is quickly installed by positioning the device over the door recess then closing the door. The unit automatically activates when the door has been closed. The battery is rechargeable and will track for 1-2 months depending on update frequency.

Container Tracker GTG002

  • 1.Impact detector sends alert if the container has been knocked
    2.Door sensors alert when containers door is opened
    3.Entry sensor detects if an intruder has entered not using the door
    4.Temperature monitoring and alerting for temperature controlled containers
    5.Tracks exact location of containers.
    6.Sends an alert when speed limit is exceeded.
    7.The geographical-fencing feature also enables you to receive an alert when the driver deviates from the designated route.
    8.The playback feature enables one track the past activities of container in previous days.
    9.Keeps logs of container activities.
    10.Easy to manage and maintain. All you need is a computer or phone with internet access and you can track containers anywhere, anytime.
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