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The hidden unit allows you to track and monitor any kind of asset without suspicion, enabling an effective merchandise tracking and management. In any unwanted or unsuspected situation, the GPS merchandise system sends you a direct alert, enabling you to protect and locate your goods all over the world, at any time.

Merchandise Tracker GTG003

GH₵620.00 Regular Price
GH₵541.00Sale Price
  • As a small, stable autonomous device, Kylos gives you full control of all possible events. Thanks to its built in sensitive sensors- light, temperature and location- you have a complete knowledge of your merchandise condition and location, at any given moment.
    For example: when Kylos, the merchandise tracking unit is installed, you can track the location of the merchandise and receive an alert if it enters or leaves a particular area, or if it is damaged or falls.
    Kylos is an independent portable system with a built-in battery without the need for external power supply.